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    The concept of background checking is now a well established and crucial part of the hiring process

    In addition to mitigating the risks associated with a poor hiring decision, such as staff fraud and data security breaches, our clients are increasingly using our services to ensure quality of hire, employee retention, speed and efficiency of on-boarding and to promote increased stakeholder confidence and an open and honest company culture.

    Background checks on employees have now been commonplace for more than a decade but the speed and efficiency with which they can be completed has improved dramatically in the past five years in particular.

    The concept of issuing employment references is now part of the HR and Student Records’ ‘psyche’ with job roles and departments dedicated to issuing references in respect of former employees and students.

    In addition, technology has seen a shift from paper to online report production which has enhanced the speed and accuracy with which data can be captured, processed and reported in a user friendly and secure format.

    With accumulated industry experience of more than 60yrs, the team at Vero has been instrumental in the evolution of background checks in the UK and internationally and has remained at the cutting edge of technology and service improvements in the field.

    Using our extensive experience and expertise gained across a variety of sectors and working on behalf of some of the largest providers and users of background checks in the UK, Vero has developed a model which combines the capacity to manage high volume clients with the ability to deliver personalised service to both clients and candidates alike.